South Florida Wants a jetBlue Connection
to Tallahassee

Our engines are revving and we’ve been cleared by the tower – it’s time to take off with a community push to bring jetBlue service from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee.

Let’s show jetBlue that South Florida is ready to make a high-flying commitment to land jet services between Fort Lauderdale and our state capital, Tallahassee.

Please make your pledges on or before October 21, 2016

The getBlue Campaign

getBlue is a community campaign made up of city officials, business leaders, professionals, education institutions, and residents who wish to establish jetBlue direct airline service from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Tallahassee International Airport by launching a non-binding ticket pledge drive.

The campaign aims to secure non-binding pledges from South Florida residents to pre-board $2 million worth of ticket sales in 30 days. These pledges will be added to the $2 million already pledged by the residents of Tallahassee, and will be presented to the decision makers at jetBlue. It’s an opportunity to make a case for why jetBlue should provide regular air service between our two airports. Your non-binding pledge is a “no-dollar” commitment – only a pledge – that demonstrates how much our residents are vested in this effort.

The people of South Florida deserve options, and there are currently 13,000 residents who live in the area who attend Florida State University, Florida A&M, or Tallahassee Community College. The tri-county region is also home to thousands of alumni – 35,000 Seminoles who bleed garnet and gold and another 7,000 Florida A&M grads who cheer on as their Rattlers strike, strike, and strike again. The schools boast more than 1,200 season ticket holders living in South Florida and they would love a direct fight between the two cities. Parents and students are on a tight budget, and driving more than 450 miles to see one another when school’s in session or to watch a game gets old really quickly.

And it’s not just personal – we mean business, too! A multitude of professionals and government officials have offices in both South Florida and the capital city, and they would benefit from an award-winning, low-cost airline carrier like jetBlue offering a direct flight to the seat of state government.

It’s time we had jetBlue’s regular service from Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee.

Take the pledge! Help us connect.

For questions contact:
Lisa Garcia

Please make your pledges on or before October 21, 2016